Russian nature is increasingly attractive. Due to the countries' enormous size, it varies from subtropical belt in Sochi to subarctic weather in Siberia. So, it's hard to distinguish which attractions in Russia are the most interesting: architectural, historic or natural.
Ural Mountains
One of the places often visited by tourists is the area of Ural Mountains. They lie in the northwest of the country among two plains. They stretch for more than two thousand km, so it's going to be difficult to bypass all of it. The truth is that this rocky system is one of the most scenic in the world.
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The history of Ural Mountains is old. They appeared around six hundred million years ago. They were first mentioned in the Greek poem dated by the 7th century BC. In Russian historical sources the Urals appeared much later. The name for the mountains appeared thanks to the well-known geographer V. Tatischev. Translated from the Tatar language "Ural" means "stone belt", which is so true about this massif.
At the moment the most urgent problem around the Urals' ecosystem is deforestation. The main wood production of the region is located namely there. That's why the mountains are surrounded by numerous national parks.
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